13H | Mathijs Smit, Nathan Homan in De Loods

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Locatie: De Loods, Groningen
Cost: Zie website voor de prijzen

13H – The everlasting House party by Nathan Homan and Mathijs Smit

Welcome to your home away from home. With a House party that seems to never stop. Nathan Homan and Matthijs Smit bring you 13 hours of musical pleasure at De Loods.

Come eat, drink, dance, sit and chill. Go if you need, come back if you want. You’re welcome.

Line up
Nathan Homan b2b with Mathijs Smit all night long

Oven baked Pizza + Vegan and vegetarian food by Nathan’s mom and house friend Andrew.
Diner time: 18:00 – 20:00.
Don’t be late or you’ll upset mom.

Doorsale only
5 euros

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