Döner Fest in ORKZ bar

Tijd:  - 
Locatie: ORKZ bar, Emmastraat 15, Groningen
Cost: Contant geld

Open: 21:00 | Start: 21:30
Bar & door = Cash only!

A night of Grönneger doom/stoner, or: Döner in the ORKZ bar! If you’re wondering whether you’ll get to eat some actual döner at Döner Fest; probably not. But you will get to taste some of the best doom and stoner this city has to offer!

Line up, in no particular order:

Black Fuse: Energetic, tight and at times heavy as hell. Playing a groovy mix of stoner rock, sludge and straight up rock ’n roll.

Chief of Smoke: Inspired by the seventies and in particular the Vietnam War, Chief of Smoke navigates the listener through gloomy, boggy and fiercely contested battlegrounds. Genuine stoner with a touch of doom.

Soul Theft: From crushingly heavy guitar screechy rumble to oozy woozy effecto crescendo and everything in between, these guys hit you with a mix of stoner and doom, topped of with a pinch of sludge.

Onhou: Consisting of (ex)members from Ortega, Grinding Halt and Wolvon, this four piece play a dark mix of sludge and doom, creating a bleakness that serves to shape a dismal and forsaken uneasiness.

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