Live at Lola: The Freelancers (featuring Creighton)

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Locatie: Lola
Cost: 5,-

The Local Irish Folk heroes of the Freelancers will take you far beyond where the streams of whiskey are flowing by inviting some extra folk talent into their ensamble under the name Craighton.
we Invite you to a Irish Folk Friday!

The Freelancers – Irish and Scottish Folk Music are a 3 piece band based in Groningen, NL. The music is a mixture of folk, rock and original material played with bodhran, guitars & fiddle and accompanied by harmonious vocals. The live shows are a feast of humour, passion and fiery music.
Gerry was born in Dublin and grew up on the north side of the inner city, he developed an interest in music at an early age, encouraged by a young Phil Lynnott (Thin Lizzy) and others. Gerry became noted for his exceptional voice and developed it in the seventies by playing the gig circuit with bands like U2 and The Boomtown Rats. He came to Germany in the early eighties and played the Irish Pub circuit He met Holger Kaiser around this time, and they have been playing on and of together since then.

A fiddle player and vocalist from Wagenborgen in The Netherlands. Along with being a valid guest musician with The Assassenachs he is the fiddler with the band Flannery and also The Freelancers (together with Steve Dewar) Somehow he also finds time to go to college and studies music and design at the Academy for Popculture. He has played with Rapalje on occasion too and works at their festival- Zomerfolk. Sebastiaan has a unique and sensitive style in his playing, helping him to immerse completely in the music when he is performing, rather than just go through the motions. Sebastiaan´s voice is a force to be reckoned with too, bringing yet more dimension to the vocal work in the bands he plays with.

His experiences as a busconductor on the 46A Dublin busses have greatly influenced his style of bodhran playing. Also as the owner of O’Ceallaigh Irish Pub, Groningen, Peter knows his audience like no other.

Only stops talking to recite a poem or sing a mad song…

Doors: 21:00
Start 21:30

entry: 5€

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