Mr. Paul & The Lowriders + Joost Dijkema | VERA Groningen

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Locatie: VERA Groningen
Cost: 24,-

Mr. Paul & The Lowriders is the new project of Monsieur Pol, Uncle Paul or Lange Polle from Triggerfinger. Who doesn’t know Paul Van Bruystegem? In June ‘Lange Polle’ will play his last 3 shows with Triggerfinger  (OOR wrote an article about it) In recent months Paul has been busy with writing music under his own name. The result: a collection of bluesy psychedelia and psychedelic pop rock.

This autumn, Paul Van Bruystegem is going on a clubtour with his new music for the first time, bringing an impressive group of musicians: Stoy Stoffelen (drums), Matthias Moors (bass), Patrick Cuyvers (keys), Jan Oelbrandt (pedal steel and guitar), Alain Louie (vocals and guitar) and Tijs Vanneste (vocals and guitar). In addition, Sam Vloemans (trumpet and percussion) and/or Frank Deruytter (sax) sporadically jump on stage as special guests of Mr. Paul.

Although originally a drummer, support Joost Dijkema picked up the guitar when he was a teenager and it quickly became his main focus. After hearing Leo Kottke’s 1969 album 6- & 12-string guitar he was determined to develop the fingerstyle guitar technique. From then on the guitar was his guide through some messy years.

The colourful album Time Thief (2019) expands the horizon of Dijkema’s music with meandering and intense guitar explorations on acoustic (6- and 12- string) and electric guitar, mutated bluegrass and lazy yet lingering folk rock.

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