T.H.O.P. 06: De Kraters / Hands Off Plays Kilo +++ // Hot Patch (DJ-set) | VERA Groningen

Tijd:  - 
Locatie: VERA Groningen
Cost: 8,-

Hi, how are you? The Hands Off Project is back in VERA this season!!! T.H.O.P. 06 will be the sixth event curated by The Hands Off Project in VERA. On the display: the world premiere of Hands Off plays Kilo+++ and stunning performances by guests De Kraters and Hot Patch!!! Be there or get on Audrey’s naughty list…

De Kraters
Escalated one man synth band project. De Kraters plays synthpunk and raw electro on a few early 80’s synths and drum machines. Expect obscure electro hits, with a lot of improvisation. Just like the synthpunks from the pre-MIDI era, nothing is pre-programmed. De Kraters do not like “Electro-Karaoke”, but do like hitting keys and tweaking buttons.

Hands Off plays Kilo+++
Hands Off plays the music of Kilo+++ using analog synths and electric guitar among other things to pay tribute to these iconic and ever obscure predecessors of the zeroes. Stepping away from hardware drums, demonstrating urgency through electronics.

Hot Patch DJ-set

The Hands Off Project is an independent organisation expressing contemporary punk through various conceptual utterances.

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