The Scorpion Trail EP release + Hans Hannemann & motortour & BBQ @ Rebel Rebel hostel

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Locatie: Rebel Rebel hostel

Saturday September 12th The Scorpion Trail will release their EP ‘Gunwork’ at Rebel Rebel hostel. The legendary Hans Hannemann will play some outlaw tunes upfront.

To warm up we invite biker friends (feel free to sign up!) to join us on The Trail, a motorcycle tour through our beloved Groningen province. So get your motor running and meet us at Rebel Rebel at 14:00. Or join us later at our BBQ and grab a juicy (vegetarian) burger & fries with us at 18:00 (€ 10,-).

14:00: The Trail (motorcycle tour)
18:00: BBQ (€ 10,-)
20:00: Hans Hannemann
21:00: The Scorpion Trail