Zwemfest 2023 | VERA Groningen

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Cost: 12,- (€ 8,40 for members of student assocations)

It’s time for Zwemfest 2023! The festival organised by and for the following student associations of the University of Groningen: VIP (Psychology), GHD Ubbo Emmius (History), GLV Idun (Life Science & Technology) & Ibn Battuta (Social Geography). If you’re not a member, don’t worry, you can still join for a night with seven energetic bands on the two VERA stages! Check out the line-up below and see you on the 29th of September!


The Soy Boys [start 20:00]
The Soy Boys are here to settle the fight about what a soy boy really is. After 3 years of paying homage to Jimi Hendrix, Mac DeMarco, and Thom Yorke (to name a few), they learned that even the tough ones don’t shun from emotions. Their gentle flirt with indie and funk grants the boys a green light in pairing up with kindred hearts over the nostalgia for salad days.

FIEP [start 21:00]
FIEP writes captivating, distinct indie pop anthems that are both outgoing and introspective. In January 2023, FIEP also played on Eurosonic Noorderslag. Veerle Suzanna Driessen’s songcraft has a distinct ear for great hooks, but also a unique narrative quality; her music reveals the inward thoughts as frequently as the outward scream: the restlessness, the doubts, the musings and – most of all – the dreams. FIEP is also known to have made it to the finals of the Amsterdamse Popprijs and was the supportive act for Wet Leg and Ratboys.

Cloud Cafe [start 22:15]
This Amsterdam-based band writes inspired indie rock songs with folky roots. Musings, reflective lyrics, and a refusal to smooth out blemishes results in a disarming whole for the somewhat eccentric group. With less than a year together on stage, the band – with an invitation to Noorderslag in its pocket – has made a strong debut.

EUT [start 23:30]
This year’s headliner is no other than EUT! This Amsterdam based alternative-indie band fosters in summoning the elusive spark of energy. EUT has consistently demonstrated their talent for crafting lively pop earworms infused with a restless spirit, like their debut “Fool For The Vibes”. With each musician drawing from diverse influences, their songs embody a unique amalgamation of flavors, blending sweeping melodies with unconventional sensations. We can’t wait for them to headline our stage this year!


Bliss. [start 20:30]
Bliss., consisting of four members, is an alternative rock band from Emmen, The Netherlands, that has been active for 4 years now. Their music is inspired by a wide range of genres and artists, mainly in grunge music, but also pop, funk and metal. On stage Bliss. is an energetic act that delivers an impressive show from start to finish with original songs. Over the past years they have performed on various stages and halls. Their debut single ‘’Morning Sun’’ came out last summer and an EP is now on its way.

Bibi & the Boys [start 21:45]
Bibi & the Boys, from our Groningen city, will entertain you with their “dancy rock” music of grooving verses and rough choruses. With their hit single “DiscoBass”, the band flaunts their excessive amount of energy on stage. Every now and then the band takes a step back for an intimate atmosphere with songs and interludes that allow you to catch your breath. Having fun is their top priority, especially on stage where they sure know how to convey this to the audience.

Rats and Daggers [start 23:00]
The headliner for downstage is a powertrio from Utrecht: Rats and Daggers. With their music they are in search of the razor-sharp edge between heavy and punk. With disarming and exceptionally expressive energy they play sincere punk straight from the tips of their toes that ignites mosh pits on the spot. Sure to stir everyone in the room and offer them a moment of temporary escape. They also organize the yearly festival “Beware of Banshees”: a festival that is focused on presenting a new norm in gender diversity within heavy music genres.

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